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A Circulation Apparatus to Reduce Evaporation and Enhance Water Quality of Surface Water Reservoirs
Conference Proceeding by American Water Works Association, 09/01/2007

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The author performed a preliminary analysis of a circulation apparatus thatreduces evaporation and enhances water quality of surface water reservoirs.Water waves within a reservoir will provide the renewable energy for naturalcirculation of water from the epilimnion to the hypolimnion through a circulationapparatus. The warm surface water in the epilimnion will be collected andconveyed through a concentric tube to lower water temperatures in thehypolimnion by the wave energy. As a result, the surface water temperature of areservoir will be reduced by allowing warmer water at the surface to be conveyedto the colder water temperatures. In addition, the warm water and cold water willbe mixed together allowing the overall water temperature in a reservoir topotentially equalize. The hydraulic circulation will ultimately lower the surfacewater temperature of a reservoir, reduce evaporation, and enhance water qualityby partial for full destratification of a reservoir. There is a significant reduction infirm yields of major reservoirs due to evaporation losses and potentially by waterlosses due to climate change. The circulation apparatus will provide analternative for effective management of reservoir storage capacity to meet futurewater demands and hydrologic conditions. Includes 7 references, figures.

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