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Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Performance of Automotive Engine Oils in the Mitigation of Low-Speed, Preignition in the Sequence IX Gasoline Turbocharged Direct-Injection, Spark-Ignition Engine
standard by ASTM International, 07/01/2020

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1.1 This laboratory engine test evaluates the ability of an automotive engine to mitigate preignition in the combustion chambers in gasoline, turbocharged, direct-injection (GTDI) engines under low-speed and high-load operating conditions. This test method is commonly known as the Ford low-speed, preignition (LSPI) test.

1.1.1 In vehicles, equipped with relatively small GTDI spark-ignition engines, preignition has occasionally occurred when the vehicles are operated under low-speed and high-load conditions. Uncontrolled, preignition may cause destructive engine damage.

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